Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Fuselage, MID Lower Structure (Part 2)

I started today by finishing the edge work and hole deburring on the remaining Baggage Rib and Outboard Baggage Rib that I didn’t get to during the previous work session.  Here are the completed Ribs.

Next, I moved on to preparing the F-01416 -L & -R Seat Ribs.  I deburred all the holes and dimpled the #30 and #40 holes in the ramped and lower flanges according to the plans.  I still need to clean the edges and then the Ribs will be ready for Alumiprep, Alodine, and Akzo Primer.

Finally, for this session, I prepared the three F-01417-L and three F-01417-R Seat Ribs.  I deburred all the holes and dimpled the #30 and #40 holes in the ramped and lower flanges according to the plans.  As with the Seat Ribs above, I still need to clean the edges of these six Ribs also.  Once the edges are clean, these will also be ready for Alumiprep, Alodine, and Akzo Primer.

Session Total:  1.7 / MID Lower Structure Total:  3.8

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Fuselage, MID Lower Structure (Part 1)

While I’m waiting to prime parts from Section 25, I decided to move on to Section 26 and begin preparing some parts.  Show below are the F-01425-R & -L Baggage Ribs (two on the top), F-01425A Rib Doublers (middle left), F-01423C Rib Doublers (middle right), and F-01423B-L & -R Outboard Baggage Ribs (on the bottom).  I cleaned the edges on the parts and deburred all the holes, except the two that still have the blue plastic on them.  Eventually, several of these parts will also get dimpled.

The first and second steps listed in the plans is to rivet the Doublers to the Ribs.  However, prior to doing that I want to Akzo prime the parts.  So, I will add them to the stack of parts from Section 25 and prime them all together.

Session Total:  2.1 / MID Lower Structure Total:  2.1

Fusaelage, FWD/MID Bulkheads (Part 4)

I spent a few minutes during today’s work session treating some parts with Alumiprep and Alodine.  Pictured below is the F-1403D-R & -L Forward Center Section Side Angle.  The edges have been cleaned and the holes deburred.....now waiting to be Akzo primed.

These are the F-01441-L & -R Bearing Bracket Braces and associated Bearing Bracket Angles that were prepared in Part 3.  After separating the parts, cleaning the edges, and deburring the holes, the parts were treated with Alumiprep and Alodine.  They are now hanging up to dry prior to being Akzo primed.

While I was treating stuff with Alumiprep and Alodine, I decided to treat the two CS-00012 Torque Tube to Bellcrank Pushrods.  They are shown below hanging up to dry.

Session Total:  1.1 / FWD-MID Bulkheads Total:  9.3

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Fuselage, FWD/MID Bulkheads (Part 3)

Session Total:  3.5 / FWD-MID Bulkheads Total:  8.2

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Fuselage, FWD/MID Bulkheads (Part 2)

*****Work during this session was completed on Friday, March 22, 2019*****

Today’s session was spent working on the F-01404 Aft Center Section Bulkhead.  To start, the #30 and #40 holes in the bottom flange had to be machined countersunk to fit a dimpled .032 Skin.  I used my .032 thick template with a dimpled #40 hole as a guide for the correct countersink depth. To hold the Bulkhead in place while I countersunk the holes, I clamped the Upper Flange to my workbench as shown below.  This allowed a somewhat steady base to complete the countersinking.

Here are examples of the #30 and #40 holes after being countersunk.  I put the orange tape on the Bulkhead to prevent pieces of aluminum shavings from getting in the seam.  I learned this lesson earlier when working on the Wing Spar.  Some of the little shavings are very difficult to remove once they are in the seam.  The tape keeps this from happening.

The next step was to countersink the #40 holes in the Upper Flange of the Bulkhead to fit the head of an AN426AD3 rivet.  These rivets will be attaching nutplates to the flange.  Here are three of the nutplates locations with the countersunk #40 holes.

The last step for today’s session, was to countersink the two #40 holes in the F-01404D-L & -R Side Angles.  Here are both of the Angles (-L on top and -R on the bottom).....

.....and a close up of the two countersunk holes on the -R Side Angle.

Session Total:  1.6 / FWD-MID Bulkheads Total:  4.7

Wings, Wing Tip (Part 1)

As with all the other fiberglass pieces, I plan on completing them all at once near the end of the build.  More to follow.....

Wings, Aileron Actuation (Part 1)

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Fuselage, FWD/MID Bulkheads (Part 1)

*****Work during this session was completed on Thursday, March 21, 2019*****

I still have some work to complete on the Left and Right Ailerons, but decided to make a change of pace and start on Section 25-FWD MID FUSE Bulkheads.  I’ll go back to the Ailerons after this section, but needed a break from them!  Anyone who has ever built an RV, will know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, this section starts with separating the F-01405B Bulkhead Bars.   Here is what they plans excerpt look like.....

.....and there is what the final product looks like.  I used my Milwaukee Rotary Tool to separate the four Bulkhead Bars.  Next, I used the 6” Scotchbrite Wheel to remove the excess material and make the edges as smooth as possible.  Lastly, I used 220 grit sand paper to complete edge work.

Moving on.....the next step was to dimple the #30 and #40 holes in the F-01405D-L & -R Bulkhead Side Channel flanges (with a few exceptions).  Pictured below are the two pieces with the appropriate holes dimpled.  Kind of hard to see the dimples in this picture, but they are there.  I also completed the edge work after all the holes were dimpled.

Lastly, for today’s session, the #40 holes were dimpled in the bottom flange of the F-01405A Bulkhead Bottom Channel.  Here is the Bottom Channel after all the holes were dimpled.  I also completed all the edge work after the holes were dimpled.

That’s it for the first session on the 3rd Kit (Fuselage).   I’ll pick it up from here tomorrow.

Session Total:  3.1 / FWD-MID Bulkheads Total:  3.1

Monday, March 25, 2019

Kit Inventory (Fuselage)

*****I usually update my blog with my iPad using BlogTouch Pro.  After a recent app update, I have been unable to login to the***** app.  So, in order to keep from getting any further behind with new posts, I'm going to update the blog via the website unit it's fixed.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Today, I started/completed the inventory on the fuselage kit.  Here is what it looks like with the top of the crate removed......tightly packed with all the parts and pieces.  The kit was only missing one Frame Side, a couple of bolts (one was actually bent), and a few nutplates.  There was, however, six parts that were on backorder.  

About halfway through the inventory.....

....and inventory complete (at least they stuff in the shipping crate).

Now on to the hardware.....this damn bag of hardware had to of weighed 15 pounds!

All of the parts are now put away and waiting.....

Session Total:  6.5 / Total Fuselage Inventory:  6.5