Thursday, November 7, 2019

Fuselage, FWD/MID Side Structure (Part X)

Sunday, November 3, 2019 

During this session, the Side Skin was clecoed to the Fuselage....for the last time.  I put a cleco in every hole that had a corresponding piece to the Fuselage.  (Some of the holes in the Side Skin don’t have anything on the other side a stiffener for example).  Here is kind of the aft section of the Left Side Skin clecoed to the Fuselage.....

.....and is more of the forward section.

Once the Skin was clecoed onto the Fuselage, the first piece to get riveted was C-01422T and C-01422B Canopy Latch Brackets.  The plans called for AN426AD3-3.5 rivets.  When I measured them with my rivet gauge, they measured a little, I tried the next size up.  The AN426AD3-4 measured perfectly and I used them for the install.  Pictured below is the inside of the Brackets riveted to the Side Skin.....

.....and this is the Outside.

Now, confession time.  In the picture below, I circled a rivet that.....was in the way!  The Side Skin “wraps” around to the bottom of the Fuselage and everything gets riveted together using an AN426AD4-6 rivet.  I discovered the problem when I was clecoing the Skin to the Fuselage and the cleco would not go into the whole.....because there was a rivet there.  

So, I double checked the plans.  Sure enough, you can see in the excerpt below.....I SHOULD NOT HAVE INSTALLED THIS RIVET.

So, to get the assembly to go together properly, the rivet had to be removed.  Not a big deal.  I used this small block of wood to hold the Skin and Fuselage apart and drilled out and removed the rivet.

After the rivet was removed, all was right with the world again.

Session Total:  1.8 / FWD/MID Side Structure Total:  X.X

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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Session Total:  2.4 / FWD/MID Side Structure:  X.X

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Fuselage, FWD/MID Side Structure (Part X)

In Part X, I talked about messing up the forward holes on the Right Lower Longeron Assembly.  As I discussed, instead of coming up with a fix, I decided to order new parts and make it right.  These are the three new parts that I needed to rebuild the Longeron Assembly.....

- F-01444-R:  Longeron, FWD Fuselage
- F-01444A:  Doubler, Longeron
- F-01489-R:  Bracket Lower Engine Mount

Here are the pieces after all the prep work was completed.

This is a close up of the area where material had to be removed (shown in the white).

Here is the opposite end of the Longeron with the removed material.  You can see how the piece angles thinner from right to left.

Session Total:  2.3 / FWD/MID Side Structure Total:  X.X

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Fuselage, FWD/MID Side Structure (Part X)

Today, we started on the prep work for the Left Side Skin.  With the exception of the holes in the hatched areas, all the #30 and #40 holes were dimpled using a combination of the pneumatic squeezer and the DRDT-2.

Next, as shown in the plans excerpt, I put breaks in the four edges as indicated below.

Here is the Left Side Skin with all the completed work during this session.  The edge work is all that remains prior to being treated with Alumiprep, Alodine, and Akzo primer.

Session Total:  2.1 / FWD/MID Side Structure:  X.X

Monday, October 21, 2019

Fuselage, FWD/MID Side Structure (Part X)

Yesterday was prime is countersink day.  Below are the F-01485-L & -R Center Section Side Plates.  All the #30 and #40 holes had to be countersunk (except the ones covered in orange tape) to accept the .032 Side Skins.  The large grouping of holes on each piece are the #30 holes and the rest are #40.  Once the stops are set on the countersink, the process went pretty quickly.

I used a couple of boards (actually wood from breaking down the crate one of the kits came in) on either side of the hole line to be countersunk for support and clamped the assemblies to the table.

Pictured below is the Left Lower Longeron Assenbly.  Many of the holes in this assembly also needed to be countersunk.  The group of holes on the left are the #30 holes and the rest are #40.  As you can see, only about half of the #40 holes get countersunk.

Below is the Right Lower Longeron Assembly.  After countersinking the appropriate holes, I discovered a “situation” I’m not entire comfortable with.  If you look at the three rivets I have inserted in three of the holes, you can see two of them don’t look right.  The rivet on the far right fits into the hole with no “gaps” around the rivet.  The left and center rivets have large “gaps” around the them.  After inspecting the remaining holes, many showed “gaps” around the rivets and looked oval (you can see this in the picture).  The best I can guess.....I wasn’t perfectly straight when these holes were Match-Drilled to 1/8”.  THIS IS OBVIOUSLY UNACCEPTABLE!  I could call Van’s and maybe get guidance on a “fix”, but it wouldn’t be right.  This area will be subject to higher stress loads and I want it to be built correctly.  So, since there are only three total pieces that make up this Assembly, I ordered replacement parts and will rebuild the Assembly correctly.

Below is the Left Upper Longeron Assembly and also required countersinking.  The six holes on the far left (bottom) are the #30 holes that needed countersinking (upper holes are not countersunk).  The remaining holes in the Assembly are #40 and all required countersinking.  The Right Upper Longeron Assembly was completed the same way.

Since I discovered the problems holes in the Right Lower Longeron Assembly, I inspected all the holes in the other three Longeron Assemblies.  All of the other holes were perfect and no “gaps” were present around the rivets.

Session Total:  2.9 / FWD/MID Side Structure Total:  X.X

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Fuselage, FWD/MID Side Structure (Part X)

All the parts and pieces that were prepared over the past few days were Akzo primed today.  These are all the parts.....

.....F-01413-L & -R Stiffeners.....

.....F-01492-L & -R Fuselage Side Ribs.....

.....F-01491-L & -R Fuselage Side Ribs.....

.....F-01422-L & -R Fuselage Side Ribs.....

.....F-01420-L & -R Arm Rests.....

.....C-01422T & B Canopy Latch Brackets.....

.....F-01433-L & -R Flap Block Brackets.....

.....F-01460-L & -R Intercostals.....

.....F-01402-L & -R Side Frames.....

.....F-01400A-L & -R, F-01400B-L & -R and F-01400C-L & -R Skin Stiffeners.....

.....F-01461B-L, F-01461A-L, F-01461A-R and F-01461B-R Roll Bar Angles.

During the next session, I will begin preparing the F-01470-L & -R Side Skins.....dimpling, edge cleaning, Alumiprep, Alodine and Akzo prime.  Once that is completed, we can start putting stuff together.

Session Total:  3.5 / FWD/MID Side Structure Total:  X.X

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Fuselage, FWD/MID Side Structure (Part X)

I continued, and finished, working on the parts and pieces from Thursday.  All 26 pieces are shown on the table below and have been dimpled, separated and edge cleaned.

One of the pieces (shown in the plans excerpt below) had to be separated into four parts.....the F-01461A-L & -R and F-01461B-L & -R Roll Bar Angles.

Here are the four completed Roll Bar Angles after being separated and sanded to the appropriate sizes.  Each one of the pieces have been marked with their corresponding part numbers.  Now, upon closer inspection, you can probably see the two center pieces have “notches” in them on the two sides facing each other (circled in black).  I originally thought these “notches” would get sanded out of the piece during preparation.  However, after some measuring, I determined there would not be enough edge distance if I sanded them away.  Additionally, if you look at the plans excerpt above, the hatched area that needs to be removed goes right through the center of the hole (that makes these notches) and doesn’t appear to have the “notches” removed.  So, based on there not being enough edge distance and from the illustration in the pieces have “notches”.

Here is an example showing the F-01461A-L Roll Bar Angle showing a bottom width of 57.20mm as directed in the plans.

To get the measurements exactly right, I used a new tool.  Pictured below is the Milwaukee M12 Cordless Multi-Tool and it comes with several attachments.  As the name suggests, it can be used for multiple jobs.....flush or plunge cuts, a grinder, GROUT REMOVAL, and/or a sander.  I used the 60 grit and 240 grit sanding pads to sand the edges of the Roll Bar Angles to the required measurements in the plans.  This tool worked outstanding!  It saved a lot of time and elbow grease than doing it by hand.  I just wish I had this tool (now officially called the “Grouter”) the last couple of years of the build.  Anyway, I have it now.....

Once all the prep work on the parts was completed, I treated them all will Alumiprep and Alodine.  They are all now handing up over night to dry and tomorrow I will spray them with Akzo primer.

Session Total:  4.2 / FWD/MID Side Structure Total:  X.X

Friday, October 18, 2019

Fuselage, FWD/MID Side Structure (Part X)

Not much to show from tonight’s session.  I continued preparing all the parts and pieces in the picture from yesterday....almost finished.  Once I’m all done, they will get treated with Alumiprep, Alodine and Akzo primed.

Session Total:  1.5 / FWD/MID Side Structure Total:  X.X

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Fuselage, FWD/MID Side Structure (Part X)

I spent tonight’s session by beginning the prep work for all the parts shown in the picture below.  Many of the parts needed to be separated into multiple parts and pieces.  Once they are all separated, there will be a total of 26 individual parts.  After completing this session (and the next session) all the parts will be separated, dimpled and edge cleaned.

1.  F-01400A-L & -R, Skin Stiffeners
2.  F-01400B-L & -R, Skin Stiffeners
3.  F-01400C-L & -R, Skin Stiffeners
4.  C-01422, Canopy Latch Brackets
5.  F-01433, Flap Block Brackets
6.  F-01422-L & -R, Fuselage Side Ribs
7.  F-01491-L & -R, Fuselage Side Ribs
8.  F-01492-L & -R, Fuselage Side Ribs
9.  F-01413-L & -R, Stiffeners
10.  F-01461A-L & -R, Roll Bar Angles
11.  F-01461B-L & -R, Roll Bar Angles
12.  F-01460-L & -R, Intercostals
13.  F-01420-L & -R, Arm Rests

Session Total:  2.6 / FWD/MID Side Structure Total:  X.X

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Fuselage, FWD/MID Side Structure (Part X)

Today’s session was not very involved or long, but will set up the next session.  I clecoed the Upper Longeron Assembly, Lower Longeron Assembly, and F-1402-L Side Frame to the F-01470-L Side Skin.  Here is a couple of pictures of the Fuselage after the Side Skin was clecoed into place.

Session Total:  0.8 / FWD/MID Side Structure Total:  X.X

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Fuselage, FWD/MID Side Structure (Part X)

The F-01418A-L & -R Longerons and F-01488-L & -R Upper Engine Mount Brackets were treated with Alumiprep, Alodine, and sprayed with Akzo primer during the last session.  During today’s session, they were riveted together using four CR3213-5-5 cherry rivets and 14 AN470AD4-6 solid rivets.  

Pictured below is the right “Upper Longeron Assembly” showing the manufactured heads of the installed rivets.....

.....and the bottom side of the Upper Longeron Assembly also showing the manufactured heads of the installed rivets.....

.....and the “inside” of the Upper Longeron Assembly showing the shop head side of the rivets.

The three pictures below show the same angles, but on the left Upper Longeron Assemby.

The next step was to prepare the left side piano hinge for the lower cowling.  When the kit was delivered, it contained two 1/8 Piano Hinges approximately 8’ long.  So, to start a length of 20 1/8” piece was cut as instructed.  Additionally, only the lower 16 eyelets are need and the rest were removed (4 1/2 of them).  The picture below shows the piece cut to length and the appropriate eyelets removed.

Next, a 3/32 (#40) pilot hole had to be drilled in the Piano Hinge.  The plans provided the appropriate measurements for the location of the hole.....99.2 mm from the top and 6.4 mm from the outside edge.  I marked the hole (which made the plus below), used a center punch to mark the center and drilled the #40 hole.  Lastly, a reference line 2.4 mm was drawn lengthwise on the inside edge.

Session Total:  2.3 / FWD/MID Side Structure Total:  X.X